Shift easy.

We are proud to present a platform for the manned-security industry with numerous benefits. This platform reinforces greater control and working relation between security companies and SIA licence holders.

Benefits for SIA Licence Holders


Opt in for shifts of your choice, be in control.


Enjoy a quick turnaround: get paid within two weeks of a shift completed.


Boost your income: opt into as many shifts as you wish.


Enjoy a quick turnaround: get paid within two weeks of a shift completed.


Build ratings through every successful shift completion and get recognised.


Build contacts, gain experience and have fun working in new environments.


Connect with your current employers and receive your rota directly through the app.


View active shifts in close proximity to your location in real time.

Benefits for Security Companies


Be able to maximise your capacity to supply manned security and meet the demands of your clients effortlessly.

Internal Management

Manage your employees with greater ease and benefit from multiple management tools, which add accuracy, simplification and time efficiency.

Contingency Management

Get temporary cover instantly upto one hour before a shift begins.

Revenue Stream

Upscale assignments for current clients and having the opportunity to accommodate new clients is a real possibility with a larger workforce.


The live monitoring of logs certifies shift punctuality and attendance of your employees’ for all client sites through a single interface.


Build ratings through every booking to become known as a optimal workplace, let your reputation flourish and become prominent in the market.


Generate an additional income by advocating this service.

Admin Control

The platform enables additional admin user accounts which allocates user permissions in respect to the duties of the account holder.
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